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[App] MicroShot


for iPhone

MicroShot is an innovative application which supports high quality microscope photographing.

In order to attach an iPhone to a microscope, please use the dedicated attachment “SMART LENS”.

Please note that this application is only for iPhone6 and iPhone6Plus.


[ Three operations without touch ]


Since vibration is a great enemy to the microscope, MicroShot enables a sequence of microscope photographing operations to be performed with the following three handsfree motions.


- Pass Shutter

Passing your hand over the front speaker becomes a shutter of a camera without touching the screen.


- Pass Save

Passing your hand over the front speaker also enables you to save a taken photo.


- Breath Deletion

A small breath on a mic enables you to delete a taken photo.


[ Basic Functions ]

Here are the sufficient basic functions dedicated to the microscope photographing.


- Focus Magnification

In order to adjust the focus, you can magnify the displaying image.


- Grid display

Three grids are available for an accurate alignment.


- Erect and Invert

In order to adapt the display and photo to the inverted microscope, elect and invert function is available.


- White Balance

Color temperature adjustment are available for the correction of the lighting.


- Full screen display

In order to check the details of the displaying image,  you can temporarily disappear whole items on the screen and display the image with full screen.


- Dedicated photo list

In order to manage the photos taken by this application, a dedicated photo list is available.


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